Instance’s Zone’s

Npc’s for enter on instances is on Town of Aden

Party Instance’s Zones

The party must have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 7 people

  • Crystal Prison (Baylor) – (Daily)
  • Nightmake Kamaloka – (Daily)
  • Ashen Shadow Camp – (Daily)
  • Krofin’s Nest – (Daily)
  • Spirit Forest – (Daily)
  • Ice Queen’s Castle – (Weekly)

The rewards is amazing exp and Benusta’s Rewards Box Lv.1-Lv.4 & Benusta’s Shining Rewards Box

Benusta’s Rewards Box (all levels)
Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon
Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor
Jewel Energy
Superior Giant’s Codex’s , Chapter 1 etc.
That drops include to all levels Benusta’s Rewards Box

Benusta’s Rewards Box Lv.2
Greater Stones Lv.5
Shining Jewel Energy
Benusta’s Rewards Box (all levels)

Benusta’s Rewards Box Lv.3
Superior Stones
Shining Jewel Energy
Benusta’s Rewards Box (all levels)

Benusta’s Shining Reward Box
Talisman of Insanity
Forgotten Spellbook – Chapter 1
Artifact Crystal
Crystal of Dyes
R110 Weapons, Armor

Solo Instances

Solo players can enter these instances without a party. Here, you can earn a lot of experience for your characters and receive rewards such as buff potions. Speak to Karinia to choose your level, the NPC location is on Aden.

Command Channel Instances

These instances offer exceptional rewards and can be accessed with a party of at least two players and no more than seven players. The following list provides descriptions of these instances.

  • Tauti
  • Frintezza
  • Octavis
  • Antharas
Talismans of Insanity
Soul Crystal’s Lv.15
Greater Zodiac Agathion Pack
Gran Kain’s Scroll: Enchant L-grade Weapon,Armor
Crystal of Dyes
Orb of Bloody Soul
Orb of Abyss (Lv.0 – Lv.10
Greater Stones Lv.1
Dragon’s Necklace , Earring , Ring
Shining Jewel Energy
Shining Dye Crystal
Shining Forgotenn Dye
The drops include to all boss.

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